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Maria Przełomiec

05 October 2015

To what extent will Putin allow President Lukashenko to be independent?

Maxim Samorukov | Deputy Editor of Carnegie.ru, Moscow Center Alexander Lukashenko is considered to be the closest ally of Moscow, with the survival of his regime totally dependent on the Kremlin's support.


My World, My Voice

The blog written by the Interns of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, which is devoted to current events in the world and other global issues. .

PISM Bloggers

14 September 2015

Is the Arctic Economic Council a Threat to Arctic Multilateralism?

Written by Michael Durlik*The establishment of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) took place on September 2 and 3, 2014 in Iqaluit. The AEC was incepted as a forum to facilitate circumpolar business, however, it may have important and far-reaching ramifications for the Arctic Council (AC).


Cordelia Ponczek

17 August 2015

The Switch: Russia and Iran

Hope springs eternal in the human beast—and in nations too. In the lead up to the Iranian deal, Russia held out hope that, in return for its cool-headed handling of negotiations, the U.S. and West might ease up on their sanctions against Russia.


Sebastian Płóciennik

08 July 2015

Greece: Scenarios after the referendum

The biggest winner from the latest escalation of the Greek crisis is Yanis Varoufakis. After the referendum went in his favour, he resigned from his duties, got on a motorcycle and drove off— probably to give lectures for 25 thousand euro apiece.


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