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Maria Przełomiec

30 November 2015

After Paris, is a Russian-European rapprochement inevitable?

Gustav C. Gressel | Visiting Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Berlin Immediately after the terrorist attacks shook Paris on 13 November 2015, French President Hollande stated that the Islamic State (IS), the perpetrator of the attacks, must be defeated.


Pinar Elman

25 November 2015

Turkey downs Russian Jet: An end to Turkey- Russia Strategic Partnership?

Turkey’s downing of the Russian jet as response to its violation of Turkish airspace has also been a response to Russia’s use of the fight against the ISIS and the refugees as tools to strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean.


Patryk Kugiel

19 November 2015

Paris: A Clash Inside of Civilisations

There is a temptation to see the atrocious terrorist attacks in Paris through the prism of a clash of civilisations. A number of individuals, claiming affiliation with the Islamic State—one shouting “Allahu akbar”—murdered over a hundred people in the centre of Christian Europe.


Nathan Dufour

16 November 2015

France’s Weak Points in its War Against “Islamic State”

On 13 November 2015, France witnessed the most lethal attack on its soil since World War II—the coordinated terrorist attacks brought death, injury and trauma to the nation and the world. It also raised some fundamental questions: Why is it that France, despite its military and intelligence resources, which were deployed to fight terrorism in recent years, was so vulnerable to a few gunmen striking at Paris—the very heart of the country? With this in mind, which dimensions should France urgently include in its counter-terrorism policy to confront this unprecedented threat?As President Hollande’s France heads towards a fully-fledged war against the Islamic State, the answer to these questions is in the identification of France’s weak points, those that were so well identified by the enemy.


Stanislav Secrieru

02 November 2015

The Second Is Gone and the Next One Is Up

On 29 October, the Moldovan parliament passed, with 65 votes (out of 101), a no-confidence motion against the government headed by Valeri Strelet, the new leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM).


Wojciech Lorenz
Patrycja Sasnal

09 October 2015

Security Zone in Syria–the Main Challenges

US and EU should lobby for the creation of a small, demilitarized zone in Syria monitored by the UN. In such a safe zone the refugee camps could be set up, which would decrease the refugee pressure on the region and Europe.


My World, My Voice

The blog written by the Interns of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, which is devoted to current events in the world and other global issues. .

PISM Bloggers

14 September 2015

Is the Arctic Economic Council a Threat to Arctic Multilateralism?

Written by Michael Durlik*The establishment of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC) took place on September 2 and 3, 2014 in Iqaluit. The AEC was incepted as a forum to facilitate circumpolar business, however, it may have important and far-reaching ramifications for the Arctic Council (AC).


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